how to wash your old car ? SELL MY CAR GOLD COAST WILL EXPLAIN IT

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If you have an old car or rusted car and wants to make it shiny use the following steps.

Walk around the old or rusted car and assess the level of dirt and spend 2 minutes. It’s always good to wash your car weekly due to the danger of bug and bird droppings. These two organic compounds contain complex proteins that will penetrate to the surface of car body and will slowly break the surface

One of the important factor always chose a shady spot and always use gentle sponge for cleaning your car.

Even if your car is old and damaged still you need to clean it every fortnight or weekly to avoid from rust and corrosion.

Also sheepskin wash mitt is one of the useful tools for cleaning old , damaged or rusted cars.

Proper Washing for old cars are necessary to avoid corrosion.

As soon as you start washing make sure start with wheels and tires. For wheels use wheel cleaner that is water based and it will protect your wheels against corrosion. Also after you washed your wheels clearly rinse them.

Next step prepare your container and use some micro chenille wash.  this will help your old and damage cars to be shiny and make sure to use bodywork shampoo. This product don not remove wax and will create a good and clean surface after washing.

Step 3 involves preparing

two buckets and one with soupy water and other with clean water.

After using and washing dip your sponge inside the clean water bucket and rinse out all the dirt that sticks to the sponge. Then your sponge is ready to dip it again to soapy water and start cleaning again.

Finally you need to dry all parts of your old car and this will help to clear all remaining spots.


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