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Cash for used cars Brisbane & Gold Coast,
Cash for cars Brisbane

We offer the highest cash for used cars in Gold Coast and Brisbane and not only picking up your car for free but also will pay you on spot. leading cash for cars Brisbane provide services in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Contact us to get a quote in less than an hour .we buy all types of car: Cash for used cars, Cash for sport cars, Cash for damaged cars, Cash for accident cars, Cash for old cars, Cash for all cars Brisbane . 

Cash for cars Brisbane and Gold Coast 


How To Sell My Car company has been founded 15 years ago, we believe to give the most reasonable price for your car and the process is so easy and fast. If you needs a car dealer that pays the fair price for your unwanted or used cars then look no further . Cash for cars Brisbane will pay you the highest cash for car in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Since then we’ve built relationship between hundreds of happy clients . It may not sound like a lot, but if you estimate the manpower, working hours, materials, planning and correlating that were all involved in completing each cash for cars project, then our productivity is immense! 

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We Are Passionate

We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in Brisbane , Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We ensure that all car purchasing are done with utmost professionalism using quality customer service and gives the highest value for your car while offering clients the support and accessibility.

Honest and Dependable

For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all cash for cars with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. With thousands of successful projects under our belt...

We gives the Highest cash for cars

We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company . We will make sure to beat any other company if you can provide us with a written quote we will beat them by 10%.





Car is very important part of our life. We can’t imagine it without car cause it really help us to

Electricity is very important part of our life. We can’t imagine it without home appliances that in turns work with

SolidBuild is large enough to offer the range of services needed, but small enough to deliver projects with personal attention

SolidBuild is large enough to offer the range of services needed, but small enough to deliver projects with personal attention

How To Sell My Ca is large enough to offer the range of services needed, but small enough to deliver

  The reasons of our How To Sell My Cars  success and perpetual growth lie in our hard work and

Years Experience

some facts to know about car recycling in Australia, Gold Coast and Brisbane:
1.       Old, scrap, damaged, accident and broken cars yearly making around 25 million tons of material by using car recycling.
2.       In Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania) car recycling is one of the top 50 largest industry. In Australia scrap and car recycling industry employs more than 10000 people.
3.       In Australia yearly 100000 of cars are recycled which will make it the most recycled item in Australia.
4.       In Australia specially in Brisbane and Gold Coast most scrap car buyers and automobile car recycling companies employ around 10 people.
5.       Brisbane and Gold Coast wreckers, cash for cars companies, scrap car buyers and ex are providing used car parts which is around 80 percent are cheaper than new parts.
6.       Junk vehicles, scrap cars, old cars or accident damaged cars are producing more than 14 million tons of recycled steel worldwide.

What Our Clients Say about their experience with sell my car

“Thanks for your great service and I have also received the best cash for my car , I have contacted couple of car buyers but your service was awesome with your professional teams .”


“I would like to thank you  for your quick service  and your team was so friendly. Also the price is fair and due to moving overseas I wouldn’t find better quote than SELL MY CAR.”

Andrew Fairfield

“How To Sell My Cars successfully bought my car and the price was higher than others. I am really happy with their professionalism and excellent services !”

Lennie Lazenby

Benefits of car recycling and selling your scrap cars to cash for cars companies 

Are Benefits of recycling and selling your scrap cars to cash for cars Brisbane and Gold Coast car dealers worth your effort?


We always teaching our kids to recycle and separate papers, foods and cans. This will help our environment and having a better and happier world. As a result, we will consider the following benefits and advantage of scrap car recycling and we will encourage peoples to sell their old cars to cash for cars Brisbane and Gold Coast companies.


Ø  Save our Natural Resources: In Australia and
specially Brisbane and Gold Coast there is lots of old, scrap, damaged, statuary
write off, repairable write off, used cars that are below 1998 and it is
staying in our houses without any use. To produce scrap or old cars we need to
use our resources and they are finishing off quickly. Reuse of junk and scrap
cars and selling them to cash for cars companies in Brisbane and Gold Coast
allows this scrap cars to be used again. Therefore, the process of scrap cars
for cash allows our resources to stay for longer periods of time. Also cash for
cars companies in Brisbane will support industries that convert the old and
scrap cars into new materials for construction and other reusable materials.


Creates more jobs for our Brisbane and Gold

Coast non-employees: it seems to you the process is easy if you sell your car
to cash for cars companies in Brisbane and Gold Coast. But this is the beginning
and first steps to sell your cars to us (How
To Sell My Cars
). After you sold your car to us, each scrap car needs to be

sorted part by part. Wires needs to be taken out from each scrap car then oils,
tyres, engines and every single part of scrap cars need to be placed and sorted
in different containers. This process needs to be done by hundreds of new


How to Sell My Cars or cash for cars companies

will also offers some amount of cash benefits: It is a good culture to recycle
all your aluminium cans, scrap cars, wires , steels and cupper to cash for cars
companies , in Brisbane most of cash for cars companies also buy scrap materials
so instead they will provide a goo amount of cash .


Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions: for example,

recycling rate of 10% can is approximately equivalent of removing 10 million scraps
and used cars from the Brisbane and gold Coast. Recycling scrap cars and export
them for bigger recycling companies in overseas will decrease the air and water
pollution in Australia.


Saves energy: when we recycle old or scrap cars,

we can save almost 60% to 70% of the required energy to produce irons and
steels from row materials. This is only one of the example of recycling and we
have hundreds of materials that will save our energy.

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car buyers Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast that buy all cars


Sell my car some time buy cars from other wreckers, we usually pay the highest cash for cars, we buy all cars such as: Toyota cars, Mitsubishi cars, Holden cars, Ford cars, BMW cars, VW cars, Hyundai cars, Honda cars, Chrysler cars, Nissan cars, Trucks, vans and utes. Our used car branches buy all cars from 2000 model up to 2018 model.  Sell my car also have the capacity to buy all scrap cars with reasonable cash as well.

In addition, our cars ranging from luxury cars to small hatchback. It doesn’t matter whether it is a manual or automatic, sell my car purchase all cars with any condition. Our scrap buyers or wreckers branch buy damaged cars, accident cars, flood damage cars, broken cars, rusted cars, engine failure cars and non-repairable cars.
Most of cars that we purchased recently had engine failure including a seized or blown engine, problem with timing belt, transmission failure and many more problems, but our philosophy is to buy cars near you , any where around you servicing from Brisbane to Gold Coast, Toowoomba to Sunshine Coast, Browns plains, Logan Central, Logan region, Coomera, Beenleigh, Sunny Bank, Sunny Bank  Hills, Runcorn, Eight Mile plains, Garden City , Mount Gravatt, Moorooka, Yeronga, Salisbury, Capalaba, Redbank, Redcliff, Cleveland and all surrounding areas.

Scrap cars used to be removed from Brisbane and Gold Coast freely and even we used to pay to truck drivers to remove them from our backyard. But recently due to the high demand of scrap metals and specially scrap cars we buy scrap cars with a reasonable price and remove them freely without any charge. The reason behind this could be the demand of overseas recycling company like china, due to the lack of scrap cars in china there is a good market for them to buy Australian cars from local wreckers and scrap yards. Cash for scrap cars is one of the familiar name in Brisbane, Gold Coast and sunshine Coast, as the name represents these companies buy all scrap cars for a good amount of cash and helping the environment to be green. How to Sell My Cars also is one of the advanced scrap car buyers in Brisbane and gold coast that pays high cash for scrap vehicles. As a result if you have a scrap car contact us and we will remove them in an hour .

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Even if your cars car is below 2006 model we will buy them for a good amount of cash

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How To Sell My cars will also buy all 4 wheel drive vehicles whether it is scrap or junk we pay cash for vehilces with this chareactristics

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Car buyers gold Coast will also buy all unwanted cars from year 1995 to 2018 cars with online car valuation in a second. David is one of our experienced car dealers and he can beat any price due to his experience in car buying around Gold Coast.

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leading scrap buyers in Brisbane and Gold Coast and

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Sell My Car Brisbane will gives the highest cash for cars in any condition working or not we have capacity to purchase all and resell

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How To Sell My Car will buy your broken cars, damaged or accident cars , we have professional teams of mechanics and electricians this is the reason we will buy them higher because we will fix them in our indoor mechanic shops and resell .

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