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Safety Advice For Car Owners?

Sometimes cars are very dangerous. There is a low risk of cars get on fire but its a serious issue when this happens it’s good to know how to save someone who is inside the car. The following tips will explain what we should do if some one is inside the car.

Check And Be Aware Of Warning Signs

If you see any signs that shows engine lights on that needs to be taken seriously. In addition sometimes cars has oil leak or quick changes in temperature, these sign can be cause of fire and you need to take it to the mechanic. professional car dealers in gold coast will give advise about this issues.

What Happens When Your Car Is Under Fire:

As soon as you smell a smoke or any flame inside or outside of your car keep calm and find a safe spot to stop the car. Then quickly turn off the ignition and make sure everyone is out of the car. Next keep a minimum distance of 100m from the car and call 000.

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